Commercial Networking

Horizon provides Washington businesses, data networking services that are both flexible and reliable. Gigabit is the keyword today in engineering a business data networking system. Computer networks are now transferring data not only for documents, but also for voice over IP (VoiP), video conferencing, IP based network security cameras, proximity card access and much more. Horizon is a provider of all these services. So who is better to engineer and install your business data networking infrastructure? A company which only installs the data cable, or a company that can not only install the data cable, but who can also provide your company the services which use the data network?

Horizon understands the system requirements for multi-purpose data network systems and works with you to build a system which accommodates the requirements of each component integrated within the data network. The addition of new IP based technology seems to grow each week. At Horizon, we research new IP based technology looking for state-of-the-art products which can increase your businesses productivity and security.