As the leader in HDMI and control system technologies, Crestron has developed DigitalMedia, the first complete HD AV distribution system that takes HDMI to a higher level, and allows virtually any mix of AV sources to be distributed throughout the home, office, school, or virtually any other facility. DigitalMedia distributes uncompressed digital video and audio signals up to 450 feet (137 m) using DM cable, or shorter distances using standard CAT5e/6*. DigitalMedia thoughtfully manages all of the different signals and devices, matching each source's output to the capabilities of the selected display(s) without using scaling or compression. Every signal is preserved in its native video resolution and audio format, ensuring a pure, lossless signal path throughout.
It would very hard to find a company with more technology and understanding in addressing HDCP issues. Our entire staff considers Crestrons DigitalMedia™ product line to be second to none.



Crestron's ingenious QuickMedia transport routes all audio, video, and RGB computer signals over a single inexpensive CAT5e type cable*. Computer resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 pixels at 60Hz are supported over cable runs up to 450 feet. Stereo audio and microphone signals are transmitted digitally with high-performance 24-bit resolution.

Crestron's MediaManager is a comprehensive family of affordable products fusing high-performance AV signal distribution, device control, and facility-wide system management. MediaManager simplifies the art of ProAV system design and installation with complete hardware, software, and low-cost wiring solutions.

MPC Media Presentation Controller™

Crestron MPC is a family of 2-Series control systems designed for installation in a wall or podium, delivering the industry's best multimedia room control technology in a convenient, space-saving design. Perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and training facilities, the MPC-M5 provides a fully-programmable user interface featuring an attractive and intuitive layout of pushbuttons with customizable backlit labeling and wireless remote capability.

A range of options is available for adding wireless remote control to the MPC system. Its built-in IR receiver allows use of any Crestron IR wireless touchpanel or handheld remote without requiring a separate receiver or gateway. For greater range and freedom of movement, MPC also supports Crestron RF wireless and WiFi based products.


Today's High Definition digital cable systems demand a high quality signal to work properly. A poor digital signal results in pixelation, freezing, and even complete loss of picture. Crestron's MediaManifold is designed specifically for HD digital cable* to ensure a clean, full-bandwidth signal at every TV throughout a home or small business.

Compared to conventional CATV distribution amps, MediaManifold offers much greater capability for proper adjustment, providing independent gain and tilt settings for every zone. Adjusting these settings is extremely easy with MediaManifold. Simply by entering the cable length for each zone, the MM-DS-12 sets the optimum gain and tilt settings automatically.


Crestron is also a leader in Residential Audio/video signal processing and control systems. Please visit our Crestron Residential Section

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