Audio Video for Conferences / Presentation & Entertainment

Gone are the days of the overhead projector and transparencies.

Video Conference RoomToday’s board room uses video projection or LCD/Plasma flat screens for rich, multi-media presentations and Internet based conferences. When the meeting is over, you may wish to watch a replay of last night’s playoff game, or perhaps listen to music on the office wide sound system.

For the enlighten, all this is accomplished with Crestron Total Automation. To watch TV, you press Watch TV on your Crestron control pad. Video Presentation Room

If you want music , you select Music, then you select a CD from a menu because all your music is stored on a media server. No more looking for lost CD's.

For meetings or conferences you press a button labeled Presentation to configure your audio, video, lights and curtains to your custom settings.

Is this your situation?

VGA to HDMI CableFor many offices, schools, churches and board rooms, Remote Control to view a presentation you need to find the correct cable to connect the laptop to the TV, then find the TV remote, which may not work until you replace one of the batteries that fell out when the back cover was lost, then you try to find the correct TV input.

Ready now?

No! The lights are on and the sun is too bright so you turn off the lights and close the blinds. Now it’s too dark and nobody can see to take notes, so you turn half the lights back on, then ask everyone if they can see well enough to take notes. TV Tuner Input

After your meeting, you want to watch the news so you once again change the TV input, but there is no sound. You have to go to your amplifier and set the correct input for the sound. If you want music, you need to go back to the amplifier, change the input AGAIN and then insert your CD. Oops, someone dropped it behind the CD player and you cannot see it because you have to go turn on the lights and open the blinds.

There must be a better way!


Crestron Total Automation

Horizon can remove all that confusion and automate all operating functions into single button activations or with biometrics, a finger swipe. Commercial Audio VideoMulti-Media Presentation

When the day is over, you press a single button to turn off what needs to be off, turn on what needs to be on, close what needs to be closed or open what needs to be open. One button. You decided what happens when you press that button.

Crestron’s line of audio video and signal processing equipment provide unsurpassed flexibility and performance for commercial automation processing. Crestron manufactures everything from amplifiers, control systems, remotes, touch panels, processors, switches, climate control and much more. Horizon is a certified Crestron Dealer and Installation contractor. Their processors and control panels are 100% customizable for any client. Every aspect of the control system and user interface is programmed by Crestron certified programmers. Horizon is a certified Crestron programmer and will custom program to meet your business, church or schools audio video needs.